The PRO-X5 is modern and innovative luxury pleasure toy.

These new sex toy technology uses not only the traditional vibration present on most of the vibrators and combines it with an intermittent gentle suction to stimulate the clitoris.


This pleasure toy will provide an intense stimulation with minimal direct contact, also the negative pressure exercised on the clitoris will draw extra blood into in making it more sensitive and providing an intense orgasm. It also has a soft smooth handle that can be used as a traditional vibrator.


It is made with medical grade silicone is water resistant (cannot be used under the water) and is fully rechargeable.


Product Description:

Product Name: 20 frequency nipples clitoris sucking vibrator

Features: sucking Nipple, sucking Clitoris, Vibrator

Operating mode: 20 frequency vibration

Waterproof performance: 100% Waterproof

Noise level: Quiet

Lithium battery capacity: 600mAh (Products include lithium battery)

Charging voltage: 5V (Delivery 1pc USB charging cable)


Product Size: L160*D45 mm

Package: Real packing

Package Contents:

1pc*INS-007-3, 20 frequency nipples, clitoris sucking vibrator

1pc*USB Charing Cable

MYSG PRO-X5 Massager With Sucking Function

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