Color: PINK

Size: 114.25*64.99mm/93.5*45.23mm

Vibration modes:the main 12-frequency +control 12 frequency vibrator

Control mode:Bluetooth remote control modes+APP control modes

Battery: Charging LI-battery,the main 300mA,the control 200mA

Waterproof:100% waterproof



1. Fit private parts, streamlined design, ergonomic;

2.Mobile phone APP control, as long as a key to connect mobile phone APP, you can control, passion everywhere,;

3. Medical silica gel, green, environmental protection, safety;

4. Two points of vibration, which can massage the clitoris and the anal;

5. Main body 12 frequency vibration function,g spot and clitoris double stimulator;

6. Depth waterproof design, easy to clean;

7. Easy to wear, put the product underwear, both sides of the small wing of the magnetic attraction, enjoy the passion;

8. USB fast charge, charge mode diversification;

Instructions for use:

1. The right charger cable is connected, the USB port for direct charge or into an electric socket for charging;

2. Massager clean before use, you can use special cleaning fluid or diluted alcohol to disinfect;

3. Is recommended with the use of lubricants may be massager slowly into the body, according to their own preferences, adjust the frequency;

4. After use, clean stick, dry collection;

PrettyLove Sanitary Napkin Vibrator With Mobile App Control

SKU: BI-014415HP